Summer safety tips!

It’s officially summer.  Here are your summer safety tips!

Minnesotans are rated among the healthiest Americans. The fact that we’re active has something to do with that, I’m sure.

As you’re out and about this summer, stay safe with these tips:

Bring water

Activities, practices, and games can work up a sweat – make sure you have enough H2O on-hand to stay hydrated.

Wear a helmet

Whether you’re on a bike, skateboard, motorcycle, etc… – wear a helmet.

Protect your melon!

Move your grill 10′ from your house

If you’re going to do some outdoor cooking, keep from cooking your siding.

Check for ticks

Any outdoor activity can expose you to ticks. Make a quick sweep of your skin to make sure you’re not carrying a new buddy.

Check your car’s coolant

Stopping to gas up? Pop the hood and take a quick peek at your coolant reservoir. If you don’t see any fluid in it – your engine could overheat costing you thousands.

Wax and detail your car

At least twice this summer, pamper your Volvo with a wax and detail job. Your car’s paint job will look better and last longer!

And, the biggest single thing you can do to be safe this summer…

Wear sunscreen

Overexposure to the sun prematurely ages your skin while your risk of skin cancer skyrockets.