If your Volvo could talk, it would tell you this about winter...

Hi, your Volvo here. Now that it's really cold, there's a few things I'd like you to know...

#5 Park inside

Preferably in a heated area. Really low temperatures affect all of my systems and materials. Belts, hoses, even the metal in me will be more likely to fail or suffer damage.

#4 Tire pressure

When the temperature lowers, the air in my tires will contract and lower the tire pressure. Keeping my tires at optimal pressure gives me the best traction on all surfaces to keep my tires properly inflated.

#3 Gas tank

As my fuel tank gets low, the added air in the system can allow moisture to freeze, wreaking havoc on my ability to run.

#2 Warming up

The moment you turn me on, I take in readings from my systems. When it is really cold, I will set my idle higher to help me warm up. When I'm ready, I'll lower the idle to it's normal level.

#1 Snow tires

Just like you wear boots for winter, snow tires are specifically designed to give me winter traction. They're made of softer rubber, so you don't want me to use them until it stays below 45°F or they'll wear down really fast. I know what you're going to say, "I love you Volvo, but an extra set of tires is kind of expensive, don't you think?" To that I'll just say – compared to an accident?

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