Spring break. Not spring breakdown.

Whether you’re road-tripping to the mountains to catch the last of the season’s skiing or heading to warmer climes, the last thing you want is car trouble along the way.

Bring your Volvo in for a pre-trip inspection to get your car ready for the miles of road!

We’ll check your service milestones, suspension, alignment, and tires.

Where are you going for spring break? If you’re driving, here are the top regional destinations:

#5 Northeast coast

Maine to Virginia takes in 7%

#4 The seasons last chance at skiing

Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah take in 11%

#3 South-central

Arizona to Alabama takes in 21%

#2 West and Northwest

California up to Washington takes in 22%

#1 Southeast

North Carolina down to Florida takes in the most with 39%