Spring is Almost Here, Is your Volvo Ready?

As we spring forward this month, it’s time to prepare YOUR Volvo for the anticipated season change!
Here are 5 tips to help you get ready for spring:

  • Wash Your Car – Salt is very useful in treating streets and sidewalks during the winter but can be harmful to your car. If it sits too long, salt will begin to eat into the body of your car and cause rust. Here at Swedish Motors MN, we offer detailing services that leave your car looking and smelling new!

  • Check Wheel Alignment – Another downfall of salt is that it can damage the road over time, thus increasing the chance of potholes. The constant stress on your Volvo from driving over bad streets can throw off its alignment, which can accelerate uneven wear on your tires. If you are feeling a pull on your wheel to the right or left when you accelerate, that can be a sign you need to get your alignment checked.

  • Get a Multi-Point Inspection – Season change is typically a good indicator your tires and everything under the hood (fluids and battery) should be checked. Multi-point inspections give you that service all in one. Stop on in and we can inspect your car to ensure it is ready to go for spring!

  • Change Air Filters – Similar to the HVAC air filters in your home, your Volvo that has air filters are designed to catch contaminants and bacteria in the air which can be harmful to you and your car. In fact, your Volvo has two filters, a cabin air filter, and an engine air filter. Both can get very dirty over time and should be checked regularly.

  • Replace Windshield Wipers – With spring come showers. Ensure your wiper blades are in good shape to endure the many storms to come. Also, store an umbrella in your backseat for those days with unexpected showers.

We are moving into a new season that many of us are excited for, don’t let your Volvo go unprepared. Contact us today and we will help you get your Volvo ready with an inspection.