4 tips to avoiding Thanksgiving traffic

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time in the U.S. Whether you're driving long distance or just crossing town, here are five tips to make your travels safer and less stressful.

#4 - Plan an alternate route

Thanksgiving means more cars and therefore more accidents. Have at least one alternate route planned out should you hit delays. Consider less popular freeways as it is better to go 55mph on a back road than 20mph in stop-and-go traffic.

#3 - Have a connected navigator

Having a passenger side navigator that can use mobile apps to check for traffic delays or construction detours can help you avoid trouble areas.

#2 - Avoid heading home on Sunday

The vast majority of long-distance driving will occur on Sunday. To avoid this, you could leave Friday / Saturday or consider taking off Monday to avoid traffic and get some extra family time.

Um, or leave Friday. :)

#1 - Leave at an unusual hour

Hitting the road early or late is the best way to avoid traffic and saving time. Make sure you get plenty of rest as fatigued driving is hazardous.

Use these tips to keep the stress out of your Thanksgiving drive.

(Thanksgiving with the family can be stressful enough)

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