Cabin fever!

Minnesotans know the value of summer time. And one of the best things about summer time in Minnesota is time at the cabin. Even if you don’t own a cabin, one of your friends does. And that means lots of great things: boating, fishing, sunsets, family time, bonfires, cookouts… and the list goes on.

It also means miles on your Volvo. Miles that take you into the scenic out-state areas.

Immediate access to Volvo parts?

As much as you love your time at the cabin, I don’t think you want to be stuck waiting for a part to come in.

Volvo training?

Small town mechanics have a great general understanding of cars, but what are the chances that they are Volvo certified?

Lasting customer relationship?

They know you’re not going to make their shop your first choice for service so they aren’t invested in a customer relationship.

And the biggest reason to service your car at Swedish Motors before the summer miles pile on…

Why wouldn’t they squeeze you for as much as they can?

You invade their small town each summer with your fancy cars and toys. They’re pretty sure they can eat for a month off this service call.