Old Man Winter is here. So give yourself more time to get where you're going; give yourself more space between cars; and give yourself the best chance of outwitting Old Man Winter with these seven things:

7 things you must have in your car for winter

#7 Snow Socks

These compact, fabric donuts fit easily over the drive tires to increase grip for getting unstuck or up a slippery slope.

#6 Wool Blanket

Your car is your best shelter, but don't run the engine continuously as exhaust fumes are deadly. Stay warm under the blanket.

Always stay with your car.

#5 Food & Drink

A few energy bars and a bottle of any sugary energy drink will seem like a feast if you're stuck waiting for a tow-truck. (The electrolytes and sugars significantly lower the drink's freezing point)

#4 Flares or LED Flasher

LED lights work for hours to alert other drivers if you're stuck. Flares may seem old-school, but their heat keeps them from being buried or obscured by driving snow.

#3 Folding Shovel

A compact folding shovel is exponentially better at removing snow than hand-scooping.

#2 Windshield De-Icer

Visibility is your best defense in winter. Keep your windshield clear with this simple recipe: 2/3 vinegar & 1/3 water. Also melts ice on the road or frozen car parts.

#1 Hand-Crank Phone Charger

Your cell phone is your primary means of rescue. But cold weather does a number on your car's battery and your phone's. A hand-crank phone charger works away from the car or when the car has a dead battery.

Didn't know hand-crank chargers existed? Here's one on

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