Don’t Let Your Oil Slow You Down

Your Volvo is a part of your world. It’s there when you need to make a quick run in the morning and when you need to run errands before your evening commitments. Routine maintenance is key to ensuring longevity in your vehicle. Did you know having the wrong motor oil could slow down your car?

Here at Swedish Motors, we only use 5w30 synthetic motor oil because we believe your car deserves the best. Why synthetic?

  • Provides more protection in your engine. Unlike conventional oils, synthetic oils break down at a slower rate allowing it to hold on to its protection properties longer. What does that mean? A cleaner motor and longer engine life.

  • Can be used all year round. Some engines need thinner oils during the winter to prevent build up and heavier oils during the summer to avoid overheating. 5w30 reduces motor wear and tear by providing the highest level of lubrication to withstand extreme driving conditions.

  • Boosts car performance. Synthetic oils provide less resistance in the engine and therefore offer more horsepower and overall efficiency. This added horsepower means that your turbo charged engine is able to perform as well as it did when you first got it.

  • that your vehicle has proper fluid levels, lubricants and is free of pollutants.

  • Tire pressure and tread depth check for keeping your vehicle firmly on the road during ice, sleet or snow.

  • Charging system and battery inspection for sufficient voltage and lessen the chances of your car not starting up.

Five minutes can really feel like five hours when stranded outside in the cold. Don’t let that be you!