Memorial Day Dreaming

What are your Memorial Day plans? Thinking about going to the lake, cabin, or visiting relatives for the long weekend? With Volvo being recognized as one of the safest vehicles in the world, it’s no wonder you take yours as you travel long distances with your family.

Whether you are driving up north or across the country, make sure your Volvo is ready to go on your Memorial Day adventures. Here are three tips:

  • Perform basic maintenance such as; oil and filter change, tune-ups and checking fluid levels to ensure a smooth running engine and clean air in the car.

  • Check the strength of your battery for guaranteed electrical functions and reliable car starting.

  • Have tires inspected for tears, side wall bulges and tread especially as car tires can wear easier in warm weather on hot highway pavement.

Busy packing coolers and finding things for kids to do in the car for the long hours? Let us help you!

Schedule an appointment with Swedish Motors to have your Volvo serviced.

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