Summer’s heating up!

And your Volvo doesn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, it will do it’s job wonderfully, but the heat takes its toll.


If the engine compartment gets hot enough, your battery will literally bake. This weakens its ability to start your car. The negative affects of heat aren’t noticed until the cold of winter makes starting your car a little harder and your battery doesn’t have what it takes anymore. 

Hoses & Pipes

Extreme heat makes the hoses and pipes in your engine susceptible to warping and cracking which in turn causes all kinds of different problems.

Fuel Economy

Idling in your car’s air conditioned environment might be the only escape at a weekend sports tournament, but ruins your car’s average fuel performance as well as the heat soak effect in an engine compartment not getting normal airflow.

Well Justin, what can I do about it? These two things:

Make sure your front grille is clean

If your engine can’t get a good supply of oxygen, it can’t perform properly. Make sure leaves and other debris don’t block the airflow. This is simple and doesn’t take much time. Your Volvo will thank you for it by performing at its best.

Keep current on oil changes

As oil gets dirtier, the engine works harder. Your Volvo knows that most people wait until the light comes on reminding them to schedule an oil change. For many people, that means an extra week or two. Get your oil changed promptly (or early even if you are planning a significant drive). And make sure you have them put in synthetic oil – it outperforms standard oil.